Given to non-OA members who have contributed greatly to the construction or maintenance of Council camps and trails and to non-OA members who have contributed many hours of service to the Lodge.  The number of awards to be presented in a given year is to be determined at the time of awards selection.  No awards need be presented in any given year.  Recipients do NOT need to be registered Scouts or Scouters.

Past Recipients
2014 2010 2008
Candace Rak-Kinonen Kozakiewicz, Scott Miller, Ann Marie
Meuret, Wendy McKenna, James
2007 2005 2003
Rooney, John Moreno, Suzanne Bellows, John
Bronson, Jeanette
Chalmers, Seth
1991 1987 1986
Manson, Thomas Gowey, Rich Johnson, Chris “