I want to make you aware of a special opportunity for Arrowmen in Arizona, that you can be a part of! The National Leadership Seminar (NLS), and the Developing Youth Leaders Conference (DYLC) are coming to Arizona! This is VERY big deal and hasn’t happened in 6 years.

NLS and DYLC are the premier leadership development programs offered by The Order of the Arrow, and are only put on a few locations nation-wide each year. The Western Region Order of the Arrow Committee, along with the National Order of the Arrow Training Team are flying in some of their best trainers to Arizona, to put on an NLS and DYLC for us!

National Leadership Seminar

  • Any Arrowman can attend (youth and adult).
  • Join in a unique training experience hand-crafted by university experts in learning and leadership theory.
  • Learn from some of the best, and tackle leadership theory with a nationally-recognized and trained training staff.
  • Explore working with others and empowering your team to overcome challenges.

Developing Youth Leaders Conference – only 6 spots left!

  • Targeted at adult advisers: any Arrowman 21 years or older can attend.
  • Gain mentoring skills that will serve you in your Scouting units, and in your every day life.
  • Learn how to establish trust and understanding with the young people in your Scouting program.
  • Explore mentoring your young people as they progress on their own leadership journey.

You can register at:

Both trainings will be held at Camp Geronimo, March 22 – 24. The base cost to attend (before scholarship) is $175 for either training. You do not need to pay at the time of registering. You will be contacted with details on how to pay after you register. Payment will not be due until shortly after the event.

Scholarship Opportunities

ALL youth Arrowmen (under the age of 21) automatically get a $50 scholarship from Section W-6W, no application required! This drops the price down to $125 for you!

Additionally, youth Arrowmen (under the age of 21) may apply for an additional scholarship from our lodge. This scholarship will award up to $75. This is in addition to the automatic scholarship, and potentially can bring the price down to just $50 for the full weekend of national training! You can apply here for the scholarship.


As the date gets closer, we will be working with everyone who is registered to arrange carpooling opportunities. Don’t let the drive to Camp Geronimo deter you! We can help!

This is an exciting opportunity to welcome the National Order of the Arrow Training Team to Arizona, and show them that we appreciate them visiting us, by showing up for an inspiring weekend of leadership development!

For any questions, feel free to reach out: Michael Kintscher, Western Region OA Committee Member.