During my spring break, I had the chance to go to Philmont Scout Ranch for just $100. While at Philmont, myself and Arrowmen across the nation gathered to do forestry service for Philmont Scout Ranch, in the direct areas where the ranch suffered from the UTE Park Fire about a year ago.

Ben F., our lodge secretary, joined me on my adventure to Philmont and worked alongside me in my crew. The work we did was to prevent fires in the Philmont area. During the day, Ben and I, transported timber and foliage. As we were working I had the chance to speak with Arrowmen from across the nation, from Costa Rica to Washington State and learn the tools that their lodge utilizes to become successful. There was one remarkable young man I met, his name was Gunnar S. He was from Cho-Gun-Mun-A-Nock lodge #467 out of Hawkeye Area Council in Iowa. Gunnar and I talked for hours on end every day while working, during meal time, and traveling to worksites. While we talked, we learned more and more about our lodges and how we both could take what we learned from each other home.

As I started to go home and Ben and I boarded our train from Raton, New Mexico to head to Flagstaff, my phone sent me a notification. I had received an email from Gunnar. He reached out to me in hopes we could stay in contact during each others lodge endeavors. I am so glad Philmont Scout Ranch gave the opportunity to meet Gunnar and learn so much about how the OA program works across the nation.

Yours In Brotherhood,
Kyle W.


(Photos shown here are from this Facebook post from the National Order of the Arrow Facebook page.)