On Sunday, August 30th, part of the 2020 called-out Vigil Class stood their Vigil at Camp Geronimo. This was our first Vigil induction at a lodge event in quite some time. We want to congratulate all of these Brothers on their induction and thank the Riely and Tyler for serving in a ceremony role and on the Vigil Committee. 

Don’t forget, Vigil nominations for the 2021 year are due on October 10th! You can even nominate someone online

2020 Vigil Class


Sutton B.

One who Advocates Our Cause

Benjamin F.

One Who Leads With A Drum

Nick G.

Outdoors Enthusiast

Caleb L.

Quiet Leader

Emilio M.

Friendly Runner

Benjamin P.

Patient One


Izaak Rohman

Eagle To All

Tim Richard

Excellent Listener

Angel L. Ortiz

Wise Leader Who Gives

John McKenna

Bear Chief Who Cares

Ross Lemire

Leader Of All

Carl Gebhardt

Prepared Leader


We want to thank our Culinary Team too! 

Cathy Catalfo, Lead Adviser
Kevin Catalfo
James Bradley
Colin Dunlop
Kieran D. 
Mike Forrest