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Wipala Wiki lodge is the Order of the Arrow lodge for Grand Canyon Council. While our council headquarters are in Phoenix, we have roughly 1600 members making us one the largest in the country both in membership and geographically. We have members all around the state of Arizona. Our lodge was formed in 1950 and is going strong 69 years later. Our lodge makes up one-fourth of Section W-6W, and is apart of the Western Region.

If you have questions about our lodge, please direct them to our volunteer Lodge Adviser, Ken Adams.

OA TrademarkHeard Scout Pueblo
Fall Ordeal

Ordeal Induction and Brotherhood Conversion
October 11-13th

Section W6W Conclave
October 18-20th

A Multiple Lodge Event that only happens once a year!

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Wiki’s Place at the Summit Circle

Wiki’s Place at the Summit Circle

Kyle, I've been racking my brain for something to write about for the Tom Tom.  I've tried to think of something humorous, something serious, something inspirational, something who knows what.  I had writer's block, and I'm not even a writer! Then it came to...

Chiefly Speaking

Chiefly Speaking

Hello Wipala Wiki Lodge! I enjoyed seeing some of you at our Lodge Leadership Development this last month. The skills and lessons taught at this training are ones that create successful chapters and lodges. If you were there and you know someone who wasn’t, I would...