This video is an older Welcome to the Order of the Arrow from a past National Chief. It will use gendered language like your “son”, “he/him” etc.  The overall idea and spirit idea still applies to all candidates - male and female.


Congratulations on your election to the Order of the Arrow. This is truly a unique honor because you were elected by your peers; the people who saw you as being a Scout who truly exemplifies the points of the Scout Oath and Law in your life. You now have an opportunity to become a member of this great organization. To become a member of the Order of the Arrow, you must attend an Ordeal Ceremony at one of our Ordeal throughout the year. The Ordeal Ceremony will provide you with an opportunity to reflect back on your experiences in Scouting and what has brought you to this point in your life. At your Ordeal, you will go through several experiences which will test your resolve. You will also go through several Indian ceremonies which will introduce you to the concepts of the Order of the Arrow.

The Ordeal is an experience that all Arrowmen of the Order of the Arrow share in common, for it is the event of our initiation. When one has been elected by his peers into the Order of the Arrow he is formally considered a candidate - commonly recognized at a Call-Out Ceremony. Thus he is eligible attend an Ordeal and become a member. After attending an Ordeal, the new member is entitled to all the rights and privileges of an Order of the Arrow member. He or she is a full life member as long as he or she pays their dues. The Ordeal is a weekend candidate spends to gain a better understanding of Brotherhood, Cheerfulness, and Service.

We are anxious to get you active in our many programs, but you must first undergo your Ordeal which is a test of your willingness to serve. There are several Ordeals that you may select from, but you must attend your ordeal within 12 months of being elected. All candidates must complete their Ordeal before they can participate in our great brotherhood.

Upcoming Ordeals

Candidate Ordeal Fee

  • $45.00 which covers all meals on Saturday and Breakfast on Sunday.
  • Order of the Arrow Sash
  • Order of the Arrow Handbook
  • Order of the Arrow Lodge Flap
    (See examples below)


We generally do online registration for these events through the above linked events.


Click here for our Packing List and Top Questions about Ordeals.

Upcoming Ordeals

September 11-13th
Ordeal Induction
Payson, AZ