National Order of the Arrow Conference
Step Up, Step Forward

Michigan State University

What is NOAC?

The National Order of the Arrow Conference, or NOAC, is a weeklong gathering of members of the Order of the Arrow, typically held every other year in early August on a college campus. In 2020, NOAC will be August 3-8, 2020, at Michigan State University. Over 8,000 Arrowmen from all 50 states attend NOAC, making it the second-largest event in Scouting. NOAC consists of both training and fellowship and is the pinnacle of events in the Order of the Arrow.

Why should I go?

NOAC offers a plethora of activities and program for delegates, including but not limited to:

Activities, Recreation, and Competitions

Similar to a Section Conclave, every day at NOAC is stocked full of activities. From scuba diving to escape rooms to meet-and-greets, there is truly something for everyone. Every afternoon at NOAC, a large variety of competitions are held around campus. From volleyball to swimming to running, grab a team (or yourself) and come compete!


NOAC offers every training opportunity from how to run a fellowship to sustainability to empowering a team, and more! Training takes place in the morning all across campus, with some specialized tracks. Don’t forget to sign up when program registration opens up on April 1!


On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday evening, the entire conference gathers for the evening show. The shows have many elements and themes, with presentations of awards and speeches as well. It is always a fun time for all!

Inductions Ceremonial Events

Polestar, a new national inductions training initiative, will debut at NOAC 2020. Sections will send a trio of delegates (2 youth, 1 adviser) to participate in the two-day training, aimed at improving lodge inductions. Additionally, many other ICE training and activities will be offered throughout the week!

Conference Festival

On Friday, the entire conference will gather at Adventure Central for a day of fun, food, and fellowship! Lodges will set up tents where they showcase what their lodge does best. It is a spectacle you will not want to miss!

Patch Trading

Have patches? Bring them to NOAC! There is a building at the conference exclusively dedicated to trading patches. Lodge Flaps, CSP’s, Conclave Patches, you name it!

And More!

Also at NOAC, you will get to meet and interact with Arrowmen from around the country, all while experiencing one of the best events in Scouting! There truly is something for everyone at the National Order of the Arrow Conference!

Our Lodge Information for NOAC

NOAC at Michigan State
August 2nd - 8th, 2020

  • National OA Event complete with Region and Section Gatherings
  • Tons of Activities and Recreation Events
  • Patch Trading
  • Awesome Arena Shows
  • National OA Trading Post
  • Escape the Heat

 It’s getting to be that time again when we start planning for the BIGGEST and BEST Order of the Arrow event in the country!! That’s right, the Order of the Arrow Conference will be held in East Lansing, Michigan August 2 - August 8, 2020 on the beautiful campus of Michigan State University. This conference will feature the best in Shows, Indian Affairs, Workshops, Lodge Administration classes, Personal Development Classes, Sports Activities and much more !! There are too many activities to list. .. All expenses for this once in a lifetime trip will be approximately $1500.00. This includes airfare, bus transfers, hotel stay, meals, Conference fee and our famous “Goodie Bag”. PLEASE remember that this is only a guess to the final amount, as we will not know the final figures until January, 2020.

Sign up now with a $100.00 deposit. Checks made payable to NOAC. We will have a payment system for all of you that would like to pay in monthly increments. Just ask to start this service. Payments must be made in $50.00 increments for the ease of accounting.

We’re here to help you in any way that we can. Please send payments to:

Gary Hnydowitz
PO BOX 50374
Phoenix, AZ 85076-0374
Cell 602-469-0824

Download the Sign Up Form Here.

Who can go to NOAC?

Any member of our lodge can attend the conference this year. There are no limits on adults attending. This is a fantastic opportunity that youth should especially attend to see more about the Order of the Arrow!