First patch to honor a National Conference Chief Thomas Fielder (1969)

First patch to honor a National Conference Chief Thomas Fielder (1969)

Dating back to the late 60’s, it is tradition to create a celebratory lodge flap if one of your youth members is elected a national officer of the Order of the Arrow.
There are 6 youth positions elected annually at the OA national planning meeting:

  • National Chief
  • National Vice-Chief
  • Central Region Chief
  • Northeast Region Chief
  • Southern Region Chief
  • Western Region Chief

Wipala Wiki has had 5 members serve in these positions (National Chief, National Vice-Chief, or Western Region Chief) in our 66 year history. Here are the patches used to honor those Arrowmen.

Listed in sequential order:

mike-hoffmanMichael Hoffman, 1985
National Order of the Arrow Vice ChiefHoffman Flap

Patrick Murphy, 2005 National ChiefPatrick Murphy, 2005
National Order of the Arrow Chief

Kieran-Region-ChiefKieran Thompson, 2006
Western Region Chief
Kieran Thompson Flap

Chad Wolver, 2007Chad Wolver, 2007
Western Region Chief

joegarciaJoe Garcia, 2015
Western Region Chief
Joe Garcia, Western Region Chief Flap

kieran-patrick-chiefAnd here is just a better of Patrick and Kieran at the 2005 National Planning Meeting together.

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