Created in 1995 to honor those Arrowmen who provide outstanding service to their Lodge, and exhibit outstanding spirit in the support of Lodge traditions and culture. NAATAVI, which means “Volunteer to make the Lodge better”, is given by the Lodge Adviser to members who have given consistent service to the Lodge.  For an Adult, the service is over an eight year period, for youth, it is over a three year period.  A maximum of two NAATAVI awards may be given each year.

 No nominations are accepted for this award.  It is given at the discretion of the Lodge Adviser.

Past Recipients
2014 2013 2012
Vann, Jeff Adams, Ken McHenry, Jeff
Smith, Stephen E
2010 2009 2008
Hetrick, Robert Kay, Raymond Brandenberger, Karl
Peters, Michael Hulet, Milton Sunland, Charles
2007 2006 2005
Kondziolka, Robert Defeo, Don Hockett, Mike
Fujimoto, Richard Spencer, Evan Popescue, Bill
Ray, Robert
2004 2003 2001
Veigel, Robert Hnydowitz, Gary Cunningham, John
Walsh, Tom Driscoll, Randy
Hiser, Eric
2000 1999 1998
Hoffman, Mike Alexander, Hal Bronson, Joe
Johnson, Larry Hays, E Earl Cureton, Kathy
Roemer, Gail Smith, Matt Lerman, Stuart
1997 1996 1995
Alexander, Lew Bronson, Tom Dore, Paul
Gamble, Patrick Forrest, John Harden, Harvey
Jones, Charles Hollis, David Head, M �Sarge�
Smith, Cookie Hunter, Mark Holdridge, George
Wallace, Clarence Laudone, Matt McGuire, Clinton
Pierce, James