65th Anniversary ChenilleHere are some of the most important events in our Wipala Wiki lodge history.

1950 – Wipala Wiki Lodge is formed
1955 – George Miller Council Executive closes down the Lodge due to problems
1956 – Lodge is restarted with new Leadership
1962Wipala Wiki becomes a member of the Lodge
1962 – Lodge starts a three year service project rebuilding the Highline Trail
1962 – Lodge Totem changes from a Cougar to an Antelope
1962 – Lodge Adopts the Chapter System The first 7 Chapters were –Kiva, Oraibi, Tovakinpi, Walpi Kiva, Tuwanasai, Yapa, and Mashoniniptu
1964Wipala Wiki becomes a Vigil member of the lodge
1968 – Carroll Edson visits Wipala Wiki Lodge
1968 – Construction of Kiva is started
1970 – Kiva is finished and dedicated
1971Wipala Wiki Dies – July 14, 1971
1977 – Copper Council is Merged into our Council bringing in the Salado Lodge, which became a part of Wipala Wiki
1982 – Lodge creates 1st Elangomat Program for Ordeals
1986Mike Hoffman is elected National Vice Chief
1993 – Lodge starts Restoration Project on the Kiva
1993 – Grand Canyon Council is Merged into our Council bringing in the Chee Dodge Lodge, which became a part of Wipala Wiki.
1993 – Lodge Adopts the Clan System forming 3 Clans
1996 – Kiva Restoration Project finish and Sonny Hays makes the Heard Scout Pueblo the official Home of the Wipala Wiki Lodge.
1999Lodge earns its 1st National Service Award
2000Lodge earns its 2nd National Service Award
2000 – Lodge builds its 1st of many Ramada’s at Camp Raymond
2001Lodge earns its 3rd National Service Award
2001 – Desert Trails Council Merged into our Council bringing in the Pang Lodge, which became a part of Wipala Wiki
2001 – A new special series of patches were approved by the LEC. The patches would have a number designed into the patch. The Numbers were 0, 00 and 1-73. 0 and 00 were to belong to the lodge and 1-73 would be used as a fundraiser to replace the lodge patch collection which was lost.
2002 – William Popescue’s Callout Ceremony Wins 1st Noac Callout Ceremony Contest
2003 – Lodge performs 1st Bark Beetle Service Project at Camp Geronimo
2004 – Lodge performs 2nd Bark Beetle Service Project at Camp Geronimo
2005Patrick Murphy elected National Chief
2005 – Lodge Commits to Running the Trail to Eagle Camp for another 10 years.
2006Kieran Thompson elected Western Region Chief
2007 – Lodge Raises funds for the Restoration Project of Spade Ranch
2007Chad Wolver elected Western Region Chief
2011 – Lodge puts on 1st Braves Pow Wow for Cub Scouts
2013 – Lodge Raises funds for the Yarnell Fire Families
2014 – Lodge Refurnishes Kiva for second time and has a Rededication Ceremony
2015 – Lodge Celebrates its 65th Anniversary 2015 – Lodge Honors its Centurion Members for their Outstanding Service to the Lodge
2016Joe Garcia elected Western Region Chief
2016 – Mike Hoffman begins tenure as National Order of the Arrow Chairman