I’ve been racking my brain for something to write about for the Tom Tom.  I’ve tried to think of something humorous, something serious, something inspirational, something who knows what.  I had writer’s block, and I’m not even a writer!

Then it came to me as I’m preparing to attend my first World Jamboree this summer, about the time I was asked to be the leader for 8 Scouts that were to embark on a journey to the Summit Scout Reservation in West Virginia for a 4 day Appalachian Adventure.  While we all were all first-time visitors to the “Summit” everyone’s eyes were wide open to the majesty of the outdoors and what kind of mountain top experience it provided for all of us.

As I was talking to one of the Doctors at the med lodge he noticed that I was a OA member and asked if I had been to the OA Summit Circle?   I said that I had not, and he said if I would like to go he would hike over with me and show me where it was.  I said sure I would love to.  As we walked the 3 or so miles over to the “hallowed ground”, he told me the story of why that location was picked.  I was hanging on every sentence and paragraph.

When we finally arrived I was taken back not only by the location but by the “markers” that every lodge had sent to be apart of this wonderful place.  I was especially proud of the fact that Wipala Wiki was prominently displayed on one of the pillars at the entrance to the circle that would serve as the national Order of the Arrow ceremonial grounds and the new home of the Treasure Island ceremony ring.

The “circle” will serve as a quiet place of reflection for Arrowmen and all Scouts.  It is my hope that each one of the Arrowmen in our Lodge have an opportunity to visit the Summit and trek on over to the ceremony grounds.  I know that I will be going back this summer for a re-visit and some reflecting time during my staff assignment at the World Scout Jamboree.  Have a great summer living the Wimachtendienk Wingolauchsik Witahemui.

Tom Hamlet