Effective January 1, 2020, Wipala Wiki lodge has moved from four Ordeals annually to two Ordeals. One Ordeal Induction weekend in the spring and one in the fall. 

Why the Change?


We want to have less lodge events that take new Arrowmen away from their Troop, Crew, or Ship. We also want to make sure that we have less lodge events for existing members to go and welcome their new members in. It is very important for all Order of the Arrow members to go and welcome these new members in to make them feel welcome as part of their Induction. This Brotherhood can lead to strong life-long friendships and we want to help foster building those friendships. 


What are the new Dates? 


Spring Ordeal, Heard Scout Pueblo: March 6-8th

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We moved this Ordeal from October to March for cooler temps and to have a large Ordeal to benefit the camp ahead of the busy camp season. We want to make sure that the Heard is improved before it gets used more for the spring, summer and fall. Also, we want to make sure that new members have the opportunity to attend the National Order of the Arrow Conference - the flagship OA member event in August. Members that want to convert to Brotherhood Membership will have an opportunity as well. 


Fall Ordeal | Camp Geronimo: September 11-13th

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After a busy summer of going to summer camp, Philmont, the National Order of the Arrow Conference - this will be our Fall Ordeal and Lodge Reunion. Candidates can join the lodge and existing members can welcome them in and convert to Brotherhood Membership. It will be a little cooler up there and a nice break from the heat! Let’s reunite and convene before our fall activities. 


How do we have a Unit Election?

Great question! We want to make this easier to schedule and coordinate. We have a new online form for Units to sign up for an election and let the lodge know that they are interested in having a Unit Election. Local Chapter / district lodge members will reach out to confirm and schedule with you. Click here to visit our new online sign up form for Unit Elections!


How long do Candidates have to complete their Ordeal induction? 

Candidates will have one calendar year from their Election Date to complete their Ordeal Induction weekend. We urge all units to encourage their Candidates to sign up as soon as possible after their election and to go and support them through their induction! 


How do we help with the Ordeals? How do we help in general? 

Thanks! We need Arrowmen to come and welcome new members in the lodge. We need adults and youth to serve as Elangomats alongside the candidates and always welcome more youth members to join our ceremonies teams. Please contact our team with the email address under resources! We want people to schedule their elections and we also need help with elections! Encourage your Unit to sign up!


Questions - please reach out to our Inductions team, Vice Chief Ben F. and his adviser, Tim Pitcock at inductions@wipalawiki.org.

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