My name is Justin B. and I was camp chief up at Geronimo this year. My Vice Chief was Quinn H. and was a big help. We held an amazing 4 week program at camp that followed CDC guidelines while still running a fun program. 

Every week on Tuesday we ran a Fellowship on the Parade Grounds. At the Fellowship we played name games and played Cohort OA Trivia. At the end of the Fellowship we had cookies and promoted Brotherhood. On Wednesday we did a Brotherhood ceremony. Lastly on Friday, we offered Call-outs to Cohorts. The Cohort would schedule a Call-out either before or after their campfire and we would either use the Brown Sea Island site or we would go to their camp site.

At Registration my Vice Chief Quinn H. and I handed out information on the OA and its program. At check in we also provided information on OA activities being conducted at camp and answered any questions or concerns. Due to no flags during the week, this was our only time to get word out to units besides the daily Newsletter.

This summer we had a total of 19 Brotherhood Candidates go through. We had 17 campers and 2 staff go through their Brotherhood. Unfortunately our first and second ceremony sites were not suitable due to forest closures and being in the middle of a trail. We also created a permanent site that should be able to be used for many years to come. 

At camp we conducted Call-outs for 2 troops. Between those 2 Troops we had 6 people called out. People were expecting elections to be held at camp this summer but we decided against it due to logistics and COVID-19. 

With my budget we purchased the printing materials, a padlock for the drum and sash cabinet, and we also purchased a light for the coop where we store our Costuming and materials. We are also happy to report some donated ceremony items by the Apache Trail chapter (Thank you!). We would like to spend part of our remaining Budget on purchasing new 4 LED torches as all our torches are broken. We are also in need of repairing our drum stand and maybe rebuilding it. 


Justin B.