Hello Wipala Wiki Lodge!
There are several upcoming changes and opportunities for the Lodge and its members. First and foremost, at the next LEC meeting we will be officially voting on the Scoutmaster Honor Trail plaque for Harvey Harden, who was a two-time Lodge Adviser. We will also be voting so that chapters now align much closer to districts to alleviate any confusion. The chapter changes were sent out in an email regarding the Heard Scout Pueblo Ordeal, so make sure to take a look!

After the LEC we conducted our Lodge Elections. Congratulations Kyle W. on your election to Lodge Chief, and congratulations to everyone else that was elected to a position! After the election ended, there were a few open positions that are open to any youth that are interested. They are VC of Chapter Relations, VC of Communications and Secretary. If you are interested, please attend the next LEC at the Council Office building on November 2nd. You must be under 21 for the entire 2020 calendar year to be eligible for any of these positions.

The events I am most looking forward to are Conclave (which is THIS WEEKEND!!!), Braves Pow Wow on November 15th & 16th, and of course Winter Fellowship at Camp R-C from December 6-8! Most notably is Braves Pow Wow, which even non-OA members can volunteer at. My troop is making a camping trip out of it and volunteering on Saturday. So, bring your troop-mates, Scoutmaster, or anyone else you can to help run fantastic and fun booths for Cub Scouts! These events are all going to be extremely fun, and I can’t wait to see you all there!

Lastly, I would like to congratulate all the members who were inducted this weekend at the Heard Scout Pueblo. Your time and service were invaluable, so on behalf of the whole lodge, thank you and welcome! You are all entitled to the rights of any OA member, so don’t be afraid to run for a lodge position next month or come out to an event! We’d love to see you there! Don’t forget, if you were inducted this year, you get a discounted rate for Winter Fellowship, so it’s only $15 instead of $25.

Yours in Brotherhood and Scouting,
Riely B.
2019 Wipala Wiki Lodge Chief