Hello Wipala Wiki Lodge!

I am Riely B., your 2019 Lodge Chief. It’s my honor to serve you during the next year as we strive towards success as a lodge under our new theme: ‘Honoring the Past, Creating the Future.’

It was my pleasure to meet many of you at our banquet on the 25th, and I would like to congratulate all the recipients of any awards or recognition again. Your service is invaluable to the functioning of the lodge. If you didn’t receive any awards or recognition, your service is just as valuable and so is your time. You, the Arrowmen, are what allow us to succeed.

In order to honor the past, the LEC and myself have plans to finish up old projects, such as burying the time capsule dedicated in 2015, install an antelope on the grounds of the Kiva, and start the process of being able to break ground on Spade Ranch at Camp Geronimo in the efforts of preserving it for generations to come.

Honoring the past may be half of our theme, but it is certainly not half of the goals of this year. The past is a platform to build off of, to learn from, and to strive to be better than. With that in mind, the LEC and myself would also like to start using new resources we haven’t used before, such as video conferencing during LEC meetings for outlying chapters, improved communications, and national programs we haven’t emphasized as much before. We would also like to place emphasis on national and regional programs to help ourselves and our communities. Some of those programs are the Innovation Award, which is given to lodges who find innovative solutions to their issues. Like ASU is #1 in innovation, we hope to be as well. We have also created scholarship opportunities for National Leadership Seminar, which we will be hosting this March! Just from the rough numbers, we saw from the raffle at the banquet, we can send anywhere from 5 to 10 youth to NLS for free! We want to build the next generations of leaders and help them create their future, so we found it extremely important to put this as one of our top priorities this year.

I am very excited about this coming year, and I hope you are too! If you would like to create your future, and help create the future of our amazing organization, I hope to see you at NLS/DYLC from March 22nd – 24th and at our Lodge Leadership Development from February 15th – 17th. Other extremely important events in the near future to mark on your calendars is Spring Fellowship from March 1st – March 3rd and each of our induction weekends, which will be at Camp R-C from May 3rd – May 5th and Camp Geronimo from May 17th – May 19th. I hope to see you all at these events!

Riely B.
2019 Wipala Wiki Lodge Chief