Hello Wipala Wiki and Grand Canyon Council!
My name is Kyle W. and I am your 2020 Wipala Wiki Lodge Chief. For those of you who don’t know me, I am an Eagle Scout from Troop 21 out of Surprise, Arizona. This past year I have had the honor of completing my Vigil, being your Vice Chief of Communications for the Lodge, and work with all sorts of Arrowmen and Scouters from all over! 
My team and I are going to make 2020 the best year that Wiki has ever seen. We have already been striving to complete our goals, as we want to start applying them as early as May. Although my team is working endlessly, we still need your help! We need to spread the message of the Order of the Arrow. Encourage your fellow Arrowmen to come to an event, serve as an elangomat, and most importantly: Complete their Brotherhood. 
It is important that everyone we meet truly understands the purpose of our Order. Full knowingly accepts that we are the organization that provides cheerful service to Scouters and members of our community. I challenge you my Brothers,  spread the message of the Order of the Arrow, to your family and friends. Get the name of Wipala Wiki in their minds, and get your fellow Scouters to go through their induction process. 
I hope, I have the opportunity to meet every single one of you! Please do not be a stranger, I would love it for you to come up to me and introduce yourself, as it’s my favorite thing to do is meet new people! Feel free to follow me on Instagram @kyle.winer to see all my scouting adventures!
Have a safe and fellowship filled 2020. 
Yours In Brotherhood,
Kyle W.

If you see me at a lodge event, please introduce yourself!