Last month I sent my official farewell in the Tom Tom, but I was asked to publish one more article regarding banquet and the end of my term. I want to thank everyone who came out to the banquet. We were very proud of how it turned out and hope it sets a new standard for Wiki banquets (Except length wise). We owe a debt to Kyle W. and his committee who put together this wonderful banquet. I also want to thank the lodge for the great honors you chose to bestow upon  me. I am humbled by your praise. It has been a pleasure to be your chief, and I am pleased by we accomplished during my term: greater transparency, more committees chaired, new lodge rules, elections in Yuma, and more. I want to thank everyone who worked with me to make this possible. I am confident I am leaving the lodge in good hands with Riely B. as Chief, and I wish him and all of you the best.


Robert B.
2018 Chief
Wipala Wiki Lodge