Hello Wipala Wiki Lodge & Grand Canyon Council,

These past couple of months have been the most successful months Wiki has seen! As a leadership team, we have conducted two business meetings that have allowed us to thrive in such a minimum amount of time we have been in office. I encourage any youth or adult member who is interested in lodge business to come to our Lodge Executive Council meetings!

Since our January banquet, when I was sworn in as lodge chief, I have had the opportunity to meet so many of you active Arrowmen. I also want to meet our inactive Arrowmen too. We are trying to do some things differently to appeal to more Arrowmen and have more impactful events as a lodge to maximize fun. Do not forget about our upcoming May Fellowship, the National Order of the Arrow Conference in August, and our Section Conclave in October too!

To all of our involved Arrowmen: Encourage your friends to come back! Talk to your Brothers in your schools, troops, crews, ships, chapters, and tell them to come to an Induction Weekend or Fellowship weekend and come have fun!

We always welcome new coming Arrowmen and old Arrowmen seeking to become active again. Please email me for any information on how to become active again or any Lodge business. 

Yours In Brotherhood,

Kyle W.
Lodge Chief