Hello Wipala Wiki Lodge!

I enjoyed seeing some of you at our Lodge Leadership Development this last month. The skills and lessons taught at this training are ones that create successful chapters and lodges. If you were there and you know someone who wasn’t, I would urge you to share the information you learned in the hopes of spreading this knowledge. You can also use them in your troops and crews to run them effectively as well.

Coming up in just a few months is the first ordeal season of the year! I would urge you to reach out to troops in your area to do elections, and don’t forget that we can now do elections for Venture Crews and female Troops. Please do not skip over them when reaching out. If you are interested in doing ceremonies or serving as an elangomat at the Ordeals, please sign up on the website. If you have questions about either of these roles, please reach out to Kieran D., our Vice Chief of Inductions at inductions@wipalawiki.org. Helping in either of these positions not only helps an ordeal run smoothly, but gives you a chance to help our future brothers complete their inductions process. Also at ordeals is a great chance to go through the Brotherhood Ceremony (my personal favorite). If you’ve been in the Order for at least 10 months, you can sign up on the Lodge website. It is only $20 for this incredible ceremony. When you get to the ordeal, please bring a letter addressed to the Lodge Secretary explaining what you have done in scouting since becoming a member.

Lastly, summer camp is also approaching swiftly! If you are interested in being a Camp Chief, please email me at chief@wipalawiki.org. The qualifications are as follows:

1) Be hired at the camp you wish to be a Camp Chief at.

2) Be at least 16 years of age.

3) Be a dues-payed member of the Order of the Arrow.

That is the bare minimum requirements needed, but there are a few things that are recommended:

1) Have served in the past as a member of OA Camp Staff (not necessarily Camp Chief or Camp Vice Chief).

2) Be in attendance for the full summer camp season.

3) Have a solid understanding of the entire induction process (Election through Brotherhood).

4) Be a Brotherhood member of the Order of the Arrow (Camp Chiefs are responsible for the Brotherhood Ceremony at camp).

Thank you all for a great 2 months, and I hope to see you at our Spring Fellowship and at one of our Induction Weekends!

Yours in Brotherhood,

Riely B.