Hello Wipala Wiki Lodge! It’s been a while since I last wrote to you all, and a lot has happened. First and foremost, I would like to congratulate all of the new members who completed their induction this weekend at Camp Geronimo. I’d also like to congratulate all the members who went through their Brotherhood ceremony. I would like to thank Aaron G. and Tyler J. for their help at Camp Geronimo over the summer. They did a great job running the OA program together! 


Since we last talked, I had the wonderful opportunity to go on Order of the Arrow Trail Crew. The two weeks I spent at Philmont Scout Ranch were enlightening and some of the best weeks of my life. I knew nobody there, but by the end of the trek, I had made some of the best and most meaningful relationships in my scouting experience! I spent one week working on a trail that will lead to the peak of Mt. Phillips, and spent one week in the beautiful North backcountry. One of my favorite moments was summiting Mt. Baldy and watching the sun rise. I had quarter-sized blisters on my feet, but the pain was well worth the view from the top! This program is available to any and all members of the OA under 21, and I would encourage anyone who has the time and opportunity to take advantage of this amazing experience.


At the last Lodge Executive Committee meeting, we made a lot of decisions that are extremely impactful to the functioning of our lodge. Primarily among those is the change of the annual calendar. We are reducing the amount of events we hold as a lodge in the attempt to make them meaningful and impactful. The changes will be posted on the lodge website soon, so keep an eye out for that. There will be no changes to this year’s schedule however, so I am excited to see you all at Winter Fellowship from December 6th-8th!


But, sooner than Winter Fellowship is Conclave 2.0 at Imperial Valley College. It is $59/person to attend this weekend of training, ceremonies, shows and lots of fun! There will be a Magic the Gathering draft event, nightly shows relating to our theme, and patch auctions! It is being held October 18-20th, the weekend after the Heard Scout Pueblo Ordeal. So, it is a great time to not only meet arrowmen from outside of Arizona, but also to connect with your incoming Lodge Leadership! We will be offering a bus that will leave Friday October 18th, and it costs only $35/person round trip! This once a year opportunity is going to be one of the biggest our section has ever held, and I would encourage every member to sign up at sectionw6w.org under the Conclave Registration tab.


There are many opportunities coming up for every arrowman in our Lodge, and I hope to see you all at each one!

Yours in Brotherhood,

Riely B.

Riely B.2019 Wipala Wiki Lodge Chief