Presented to those members who have provided exceptional service to the Council’s camps and trails in the form of construction and / or maintenance.  Service to the Council on the Camping Committee should be given high consideration.  A maximum of 4 Axe awards may be given each year. The award is normally given only to adults as it would be very difficult for a youth to provide the long term service expected.

Past Recipients
2014 2012 2011
Amy Heywood Avery Brown Kutarnia, Donna
Michelle Adcock Brian Russell
Cody Mikita Michael Watts
Paul Sharpy Tim Wolfe
2010 2009 2008
Treat, Blaze Andros, Steve Woolfolk, Darrell
Gill, Leroy Cole, Edward
2007 2006 2005
Pemberton, Tandy Roemer, Mark Hall, Dave
Harrison, Matthew McKenna, Pat
Moshier, Kevin Shuman, Ed
Wolver, Chad
2004 2003 2002
Bowser, Steven Hulet, Milt Eymann, Don
Jones, Gary Haag, Ernie
Klingaman, Brad Moeske, Dick
Wilcox, Lorin
2001 2000 1999
Armstrong, Tom Defeo, Mattie Hunter, Mark
Barnes, Brian Gamble, Patrick Ruane, Tom
Walsh, Tom Roemer, Gail Smith, Steve
Smith, Cookie
1998 1997 1996
Defeo, Don Alexander, Lew Bronson, Joe
Dolge, Dave Barnes, Kent Hiser, Eric
Driscoll, Randy Magley, Scott Hooks, Howard
Hays, E Earl Sundland, Chuck Magley, Charles
Huston, Jack
O’Mealia, James
1995 1994 1993
Alexander, Hal Brinkman, Frank Julius, Ted
Gustafson, Kevin Holis, Sr, Leo Weldon, Jo Ann
Impecoven, Scott Peck, Dr Donald H Yaussy, Bob
Peck, Cheryl Robedeau, Jr, Larry
Pierce, James Tucker, Thomas
Young, James
1992 1991 Jan 1991 Oct
Johnson, Larry D Millar, Jim Fitzsimonds, Gerald
Lerman, Stuart Ochoa, Sr, Robert Ochoa, Jr, Robert
McMinn, Howard Vogel, Jim Griffin, Everett
Monturi, Sam Jones, Charles
1990 1989 1988
Ehmann, Tony Fullmer, Steve Kumlin, Howard
Minnis, Jerry Head, M “Sarge” Manson, Thomas
Smith, Keith Ose, Owen
Weldon, Bill Snyder, Lee
1987 1986 1985
Barney, Joe Brink, Jim “Doc” Grunow, Clyde
Coleman, Doug Tharp, David James, Jimmie
1984 1983 1982
Harden, Harvey Ryciak, Stefan Holdridge, George
Wooten, Verl Holloway, Bill
1979 1977 1976
Arvizu,  Abe Bryant, Bill Grant, Jim
1975 1974 1972
Bryant, Roscoe Cissell, Dr Sam Young, Levi S
Dempsey, Jim