Order of the Arrow SealThe awards selection will be very similar to the Vigil selection process in regard to the way nominees are reviewed and voted on. It is very important that the committee give every eligible nominee every opportunity to be selected by being as open and impartial as possible. The following should be adhered to:


  1. The Selection Committee win be made-up of one member from each of the Lodge Chapters. Normally this committee is also the Vigil Selection Committee.
  2. Only youth can represent a Chapter, and only youth can vote.
  3. The Chapter committee member will normally be the Chapter Chief. However, the Chapter Chiefmay select any other “current” Lodge youth to represent the Chapter. That representative must present to the Committee Chairman a letter of authorization from the Chapter Chief he is representing.
  4. Any “current” member may be a representative of a Chapter. If the representative is nominated for an award, he must leave the voting process during the selection for that award.
  5. One adult from each Chapter maybe present during the selection of candidates. That adult must be the Chapter Adviser or be authorized by the Chapter Adviser with a written authorization.
  6. Refer also to SOP section on required Quorum.

Nomination Petition Process

  1. Each Chapter is expected to make the “Award Nomination Petition” available to OA members in their Chapter, and to instruct all members who take a form that the deadline for turning in the form to the Lodge Adviser is the September LEC. Nominations will not be accepted after the deadline. Therefore, it is important that the petitions be returned to the Chapter Adviser at least one month in advance of the September LEC so it can be reviewed.
  2. The Chapter Adviser will review all Forms turned in and identify needed corrections. He, or she, will also eliminate any forms for nominees that are not eligible due to the criteria not being met. All remaining Petitions will be given to the Lodge Adviser.
  3. The Lodge Adviser will review and keep the forms separate by Chapters and copies of each form for each award will be given to each member of the committee at the time of the selection for the appropriate award selection.

Selection Process

  1. The Awards Selection will take place after the completion of the Vigil Selection. The Chairman will call the meeting to order and verify that those in attendance are authorized to be there by taking roll and asking each to state their position in their Chapter.
  2. The Chairman will hand out all copies of the current Award Selection Forms along with these instructions. These forms and instructions, as will all remaining award forms at their selection time, will be reviewed in an open forum.
  3. The Chairman will review the following with the committee:
    • A nominee must be “current” with membership and dues for this year, and the preceding two (2) years.
    • Nominees must be at least Brotherhood members.
    • Inform the committee of the number of awards to be given for each award, and how many must be youth if that criteria applies.
    • The Committee Chairman or his designee will read all the forms and the essays unless a Chapter wants to read its own. All Petitions will only be read by a youth however.
    • Only youth will do the talking during the selection process except when an adult is asked to clarify an issue, and except when the Chairman asks for the adults to participate in the discussions.
  4. After the instructions are reviewed and any questions concerning the process are answered, the process will start by reading each form for the current award in alphabetical order.

  5. The forms and essays will be used to judge each nominee. Each committee member will use his best judgment to score each nominee for the current award, on a separate sheet of paper. Once each nominee is reviewed, and you have scored each, sign and turn in the score sheet to the Chairman who, along with the Committee Adviser, will determine the award recipients based on the highest scores average from the committee. Keep scoring decisions private at all times so as not to influence anyone in their decision.

    Repeat step 5 for each award. The results of the vote will not be announced until the Lodge Banquet.