Any “current” member of the Lodge may nominate any other “current” member of the Lodge for any of the Lodge Awards listed above using the “Award Nomination Petition” in Appendix E (of this document), except the DSA and the Founders, which have their own forms. When considering a member for any of the awards consider the following criteria:

  1. A nominee must be a “current” member with dues paid up for the current year, and the past two years.
  2. Consider the criteria for the award as listed above and be sure the nominee has performed the criteria consistently over the period of time stated, or for a reasonable period of time.
  3. Make sure your nominee is at least a Brotherhood member of our Lodge.
  4. The “Award Nomination Petition” and essay portion must be type written. Either print or type in all information asked for. Use the essay area, and the back of the form, if needed, to describe why you feel this member should be considered for the award. Be very specific with information that describes the work and service your nominee has performed, especially that work and service that relates to the award.
  5. Provide any information in the essay area that you feel will make a good presentation to convince the committee to accept your nomination of this member. Lodge leadership, District and Council work, training received and training given by the candidate, and what work or positions he has held that gave him the opportunity to have an impact on youth.
  6. Sign the form and turn it into your Chapter Adviser prior to the LEC meeting at the Camp Raymond Ordeal in September, as the Chapter Adviser will need to review the form and make all corrections to it prior to giving it to the Lodge Advisor at the September LEC which is the absolute deadline for nominations.

Information on the history of members can be obtained from your Chapter Adviser, from people who have worked closely with the member, and from the family of the member. Use all sources available to get all the information you can for the nomination. 

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