Wipala Wiki
Annual Banquet
Friday, January 24, 2020

Tempe, AZ
225 Members


Special Guests

2020 National
Order of the Arrow Chief
Zachary Schonfeld

2020 Western Region
Order of the Arrow Chief
Gavin Cho

Section W6W
Order of the Arrow Chief
Ryan Gentry

Grand Canyon Council
Scout Executive
Andy Price


Honoring the Past,
Creating the Future

At the beginning of each year we celebrate the previous year by getting together for a night full of fellowship. We had a new venue in partially in thanks to a discount from SRP, our event was held at the SRP Pera Club in Tempe. It was an amazing night full of great scouting stories and seeing what the Order of the Arrow is truly about. It was a worthwhile experience to see so many people dedicated to cheerful service, and seeing all the award recipients getting their recognition for the service they gave to the council, lodge, and uniting was awesome to see. I can wait for the next banquet in January 2021! 

We did have a great Trading Post at the banquet and we introduced a new Standard flap set since it is a National Order of the Arrow Conference year. 

Click this flap to learn more about our new flap and sponsorship program.

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We have pictures, award listings, a video, and our next events listed!

National Award Recipients

Order of the Arrow Founder’s Award

Founder’s Award Medallion
The Highest Award a Lodge can bestow upon a member.

“For he who serves his fellows, is of all his fellows, greatest!”

The Founder’s Award was introduced at the 1981 National Order of the Arrow Conference. The Founder’s Award recognizes Arrowmen who have given outstanding service to their Lodge. The award is reserved for an Arrowman who demonstrates that he or she personifies the spirit of selfless service, as advocated by founder E. Urner Goodman and cofounder Carroll A. Edson.

Founder’s Award recipients wear a solid red ribbon with a gold arrow on their uniform. They receive a medallion with a wooden base to display proudly to their friends and family.

Riely B.
2019 Lodge Chief

Robert B.
2018 Lodge Chief

Ken Adams
Immediate Past Lodge Adviser

Michael Camarillo
Associate Lodge Adviser

James E. West Fellowship Award

Riely B.
Immediate Past Lodge Chief

Our Lodge honors our exceptional Lodge Chiefs with the Bronze Level, James E. West Fellowship Award at the conclusion of their final term of Lodge Chief. This is very unique and not done in every lodge across the country.

This is not an Order of the Arrow Award. This is a support of Scouting Award.

What is the James E. West Fellowship Award?

James E. West
First Chief Scout Executive

A gift to a local council, designated by the donor to the council endowment fund, qualifies for membership as a James E. West Fellow.  The gift must be in addition to— and not replace or diminish—the donor’s annual Friends of Scouting support.  A minimum gift of $1000 in cash or marketable securities qualifies for the Bronze level membership. Donors may make cumulative gifts to reach Silver, Gold, and Diamond member levels.  For example, 5 years of giving at the Bronze level would qualify for Silver level membership.  Many individuals and corporations make these gifts either on behalf of someone else—such as in honor of an Eagle Scout, Silver Beaver recipient, a retirement, a special accomplishment, or anniversary—or in memory of a special individual.

What do recipients receive?

 Square Knot for Uniform Wear

Bronze Award Civilian Pin and a Certificate

ANYONE can apply to become a James E. West Fellow.

Order of the Arrow members who have already earned or received the James E. West Fellowship can further show their financial support of Scouting and the Order by Earning the Order of the Arrow Legacy Fellowship Award.

Click here for more details on the Order of the Arrow Legacy Fellowship Award.

The Vigil Honor
(not an award)

Alertness to the needs of others is the mark of the Vigil Honor. It calls for an individual with an unusual awareness of the possibilities within each situation.

The Vigil Honor is the highest honor that the Order of the Arrow can bestow upon its members for exceptional service to lodge, council, community and Scouting. Membership cannot be won by a person’s conscious endeavors.

The Vigil Honor is a high mark of distinction and recognition reserved for those Arrowmen who, by reason of exceptional service, personal effort, and unselfish interest, have made distinguished contributions beyond the immediate responsibilities of their position of office to one or more of the following:

  • Order of the Arrow
  • Scouting community
  • Scout Camp
  • Community

Under NO circumstances should tenure in Scouting or the Order of the Arrow be considered as reason enough for a Vigil Honor recommendation.

Any member of the Order of the Arrow registered in Scouting and in good standing in a regularly chartered lodge is eligible for recommendation to the National Order of the Arrow Committee for elevation to the Vigil Honor provided that, at the time of the recommendation, the individual has been a Brotherhood member for a minimum of two years.

A lodge may nominate a maximum of two percent of their registered Arrowmen once a year, through the Vigil Honor petition, found in the annual re-charter packet. At least 50 percent of all nominated must be under 21 at the time of nomination.

Our 2020 Vigil Honor Candidates


Youth Members
Sutton B.
Benjamin F.
Nick G.
Ryan G.
James K.
Caleb L.
Johnathan McG.
Emilio M.
David M.

Adult Members
Carl Gebhardt
Ross Lemire
Gary Lenzi
John McKenna
Roger Monson
Angel Ortiz
Tim Richard
Izaak Rohman


Lodge Level Awards

Lifetime Achievement Award

Given to members for exceptional service and devotion to the Lodge consistently during a period of 20 years or greater.

Connie Thompson

William Popescue gave the presentation - here is the speech:

I would like to tell you about a wonderful person. This Lady began her Scouting History in 1979 when she began training and working with youth as a Leader. As an active duty E-2 Air Force member stationed at RAF Sand Base in England, she led Scouts when she had time off from her duties as a Morse System Operator and Emergency Medical Team Member. This began a lifetime of service, more than 40 years ago. 

When she returned stateside in 1978 she met her Husband Mike, and they married in 1980.  Still on active duty they started their family with a son in 1982. Two little girls finished their beautiful family. As time progressed she trained as a Webelos Leader and was Woodbadge trained as a Sly Fox. She was honored with the District Award of Merit followed by the Silver Beaver. This is when her OA service began as she was tapped out from Troop 364. She move to Troop 407 and is currently registered with troop 99. She is Vigil member of the Lodge and has been recognized as an Al’a and a Founders recipient.

Her unselfish service to her Troop, District, Council, Lodge and Section is what makes her standout as an example to all she works with. Her medical training and degree in Nursing has given her opportunities to serve as a Medical team member and Advisor within our Lodge at Ordeals for over 10 years. She also has served as medical for several NOAC Contingents from the Lodge. She also has worked on Noac National Staff for several years. You could also see her working on the Medical Staff at several Section Conclaves. She also worked Medical for Kachina Rescue at many events all over Arizona. 

Although her fragile eyesight has stopped her from being as active as she once was, she still continues to serve and for this reason I firmly believe she will continue to serve in some capacity for years to come.

 I now have the Honor to call Connie Thompson forward to receive the Wipala Wiki’s Lifetime Award.    

Al’A Award

Presented to those individuals who have provided exceptional service to the Lodge on the Council or District level. Up to 6 A’la awards may be given each year, based on total Lodge membership of 1 for every 300 active members. At least 50% of the awards must be given to youth, or to an adult for youth service.

Caleb L., Ben P., Emilio M., Chase C., Gary Lenzi

Axe Award

Presented to those members who have provided exceptional service to the Council’s camps and trails in the form of construction and / or maintenance.  Service to the Council on the Camping Committee should be given high consideration.  A maximum of 4 Axe awards may be given each year. The award is normally given only to adults as it would be very difficult for a youth to provide the long term service expected.

Tyler J.

Stephen Smith

Naatavi Award

Created in 1995 to honor those Arrowmen who provide outstanding service to their Lodge, and exhibit outstanding spirit in the support of Lodge traditions and culture. NAATAVI, which means “Volunteer to make the Lodge better”, is given by the Lodge Adviser to members who have given consistent service to the Lodge.  For an Adult, the service is over an eight year period, for youth, it is over a three year period.  A maximum of two NAATAVI awards may be given each year.

 No nominations are accepted for this award.  It is given at the discretion of the Lodge Adviser.


Justin B.

Tom Tedford

Certificates of Recognition

Camp Chiefs at Camp Geronimo

Aaron G.
Tyler J. 

Vigil Chiefs

Joseph G.
Riely B.
Robert B.
Joseph D’ L.
Kyle H. 

Chapters of Excellence

Oraibi Chapter
Gila River Chapter

Next Steps: 2020 Program 

Here are the 2020 Lodge Wide Events outside of our LEC Meetings!

Lodge Leadership Development
February 7-8th at the Heard Scout Pueblo

Spring Ordeal Induction and Brotherhood Ceremony
March 6-8th at the Heard Scout Pueblo

Lodge Fellowship, Brotherhood Ceremony, and Vigil Weekend
May 15 - 17th at Camp Geronimo

National Order of the Arrow Conference
August 2nd - 8th at Michigan State University

Fall Ordeal Induction, Brotherhood Ceremony, and Fall Fellowship
September 11-13th at Camp Geronimo

Lodge Officer Elections (Youth)
October 3rd at the Heard Scout Pueblo

Section W6W Conclave
October 16-18th at Marana Junior High

Braves Cub Scout Pow Wow
OA Staff: November 19-20th at Heard Scout Pueblo

Brotherhood Ceremony
December 11th at the Heard Scout Pueblo