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March 2019

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March 4th, 2019

May This Place Be a Blessing to You

“Welcome Ben, and May this place be a blessing to you.” That was the note that one of the residents gave to me on my first day of work as a server at Amethyst Gardens Senior Living. Many weeks went by and I went through the routine of work. On my first time as a room...

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Wiki’s Place at the Summit Circle

Kyle, I've been racking my brain for something to write about for the Tom Tom.  I've tried to think of something humorous, something serious, something inspirational, something who knows what.  I had writer's block, and I'm not even a writer! Then it came to...

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Chiefly Speaking

Hello Wipala Wiki Lodge! I enjoyed seeing some of you at our Lodge Leadership Development this last month. The skills and lessons taught at this training are ones that create successful chapters and lodges. If you were there and you know someone who wasn’t, I would...

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February 2019

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Tom Tom Newsletter - February 1st.

Special Edition Events Newsletter - February 26th.

New Chief-ly Speaking

Hello Wipala Wiki Lodge! I am Riely B., your 2019 Lodge Chief. It’s my honor to serve you during the next year as we strive towards success as a lodge under our new theme: ‘Honoring the Past, Creating the Future.’ It was my pleasure to meet many of you at our banquet...

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Our Past Chief’s Banquet Speech

On January 25, 2019 Wipala Wiki’s annual Winter Banquet commenced at around 6:00pm that night. Many awards were given out and many speeches were made. Honorable youth were mentioned and recognized for their amazing effort to assist the Lodge and the mission of the...

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Immediate Past Chiefly Speaking

Brothers, Last month I sent my official farewell in the Tom Tom, but I was asked to publish one more article regarding banquet and the end of my term. I want to thank everyone who came out to the banquet. We were very proud of how it turned out and hope it sets a new...

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When is the Appropriate time to wear your OA Sash?

This is a great question!!! The Bryan on Scouting blog from Scouting magazine answers this question in full detail in this blog post. This is a good read for all members. There are appropriate times for members to wear their sash. Click here for the full article,...

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