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Lodge Leadership

Lodge Officers, Committee Advisers, and Chapter Leadership

Lodge Executive Committee (LEC) The Lodge Executive Committee, also known as the LEC, is the governing body of the Lodge. The LEC follows Robert’s Rules of Order to guide and conduct Lodge business. The LEC is comprised of youth and adult members. The youth members of the LEC are the Lodge Chief, the Lodge Vice-Chiefs, Clan Chiefs, Chapter Chief, and the immediate past Lodge Chief. The adult members of the LEC are the Lodge Adviser, Lodge Associate Advisers, the immediate past Lodge Adviser, the Clan Advisers, the Chapter Advisers, the Council Scout Executive, and the Council Staff Adviser. The adult members of the LEC do not have voting authority, but do have the responsibility to make sure the Lodge adheres to the policies of the Order of the Arrow and the Boy Scouts of America.


Derek S.

Derek S.

Lodge Chief

Email the Lodge Chief.

Ken Adams

Ken Adams

Lodge Adviser (Volunteer)

Email the Lodge Adviser.

Larry Abbot

Larry Abbot

Staff Adviser (Professional)

The Lodge Chief’s primary responsibility is to ensure the smooth operation of the Lodge program. This is achieved through frequent and effective communication with the Lodge officers and committee chairmen who have been elected or selected to lead the various Lodge offices and committees. The Lodge Chief presides over the Lodge Executive Committee (LEC) where Lodge business is conducted, and most communication between the Lodge Chief and his officers take place.

The success of the Lodge, is to a great extent, determined by the Chief’s ability to visualize what factors affect success, and help motivate his officers to develop and carry out a plan for success. The ability to lead is critical. Once elected, his obligation to the membership is to live up to their expectations of leadership, to represent the Lodge as it’s spokesman, and to be the Council’s “example” Scout.

The Lodge Adviser is appointed by the Grand Canyon Council Scout Executive. The Lodge Adviser works directly with the Lodge Chief and Scout Executive as a part of the “Key Three.” The Lodge Adviser assists the Scout Executive in guiding the operation of the Lodge program. Typically, the Lodge Adviser also becomes a member of the Council’s Camping Committee.

The Grand Canyon Council Scout Executive holds the title of Supreme Chief of the Fire for the Order of the Arrow. The Scout Executive is the final authority of the Order within the Council, and is his or her job to see that the Lodge adheres to national policy. The Scout Executive is responsible for appointing a volunteer to serve as the Lodge Adviser.

In the Grand Canyon Council, the Scout Executive does not serve as the Staff Adviser for the Lodge, but appoints one of the professional staff to serve in that capacity. The Staff Adviser, as Chief of the Fire, acts on the behalf of the Scout Executive in giving guidance to the Lodge.

Youth Officers, Associate Lodge Advisers, and Committee Advisers

Vice Chief of Chapter Relations Vince D.  Chapter Relations Adviser Michael Kintscher
Vice Chief of Communications Emory S. Communications Adviser Stephen Smith
Vice Chief of Events Robert B. Events Adviser Michael Forrest
Vice Chief of Finance open Finance Adviser Kevin Catalfo
Vice Chief of Inductions William T. Inductions Adviser Thomas Tedford
Vice Chief of Programs Mitchell G. Programs Adviser Christine Grosjean
Vice Chief of Service Alec D. Service Adviser Richard Rader Jr.
Registration/Membership Adviser Bob Hetrick
Trading Post Bill Popescue

Associate Lodge Advisers assist the Lodge Adviser and other Vice Chief Advisers in delivering the program of the lodge. In a lodge as large as ours, it makes sense to have many Associate Lodge Advisers.

Karl Bradenberger
Randall Driscoll
Robert Hetrick
Karilyn Smith
Eugene Wikle

Culinary Adviser Teri Mikita
Historian Michael Forrest
Registration Adviser Bob Hetrick
Registration Staff Catherine Catalfo
Medical Team Gail Roemer
Medical Team Connie Thompson
Quartermaster Adviser Amy Jo Haywood
Vigil Adviser Gary Hnydowitz
Website Adviser Kevin Majka

Chapters are the local program for youth Arrowmen
Council = Lodge as District = Chapter