My fellow Arrowmen,

It is the time of year for serious thought to determine who among us is deserving of the Vigil Honor. The Vigil Honor is one not to be taken lightly as it is the measure of an Arrowmans devotion to the ideals set by our Founders: E. Urner Goodman and Carroll  A. Edson. Now is time to look around and see who has the “Can-Do” attitude and one who always lives by the Scout Oath and Law.

The minimum requirements for consideration for the Vigil Honor are being a Brotherhood Member for at least 2 years with their dues paid up to date. So look around your Troops, Chapters and Lodge and see who has 2 years as a Brotherhood Honor and deserves to be recognized for their involvement and dedication to Scouting. YES, I said dedication to Scouting, and did not say to the Order of the Arrow.

In the Order of the Arrow, SERVICE is paramount to the attitude of a good Arrowman. Service to community, family, God and service to the Unit to which we belong are just a few areas that an Arrowman will devote himself.

Camping is another area where an Arrowman demonstrates their attitude. An Arrowman that is willing to help others enjoy the out of doors and experience the wonders of nature is an Arrowman worthy of the Vigil Honor

Please look around you and see if there is an Arrowman that meets these criteria, then nominate them for the Vigil Honor. Here is the nomination form.  The completed nomination forms are due at the Camp Raymond LEC September 8, 2018 . Any forms received after that date will not be considered. As a sponsor, you are

responsible for the registration, payment and duties to enhance your candidates Vigil experience. A separate letter will be sent to you containing all of the items you are responsible for. Any member of Wipala Wiki Lodge can nominate someone for the Vigil Honor but if you are an Ordeal or Brotherhood member then it is your responsibility to find an alternate sponsor as only Vigil Honor Members can attend the Vigil weekend.

Please, let’s recognize and nominate those Arrowmen that are truly deserving of this honor.

Gary Hnydowitz
Associate Lodge Adviser