We are glad that you are so excited about attending our events. Here is a brief description of what happens at each event. There is a usual time listed - but for specific dates be sure to check the lodge calendar.


Lodge Banquet

This event is traditionally held each year to celebrate and award the achievements of the Lodge and Arrowmen in the past year, and to take a look forward to the next. It is a perfect time for parents and Scout leaders to see what the Order of the Arrow is all about and to install the new Lodge officers.  This is a CLASS A uniform dinner with sash. Bring a fellow Arrowman from your Troop or Chapter! (Typically held the last weekend of January)

springfellowshippatchSpring Fellowship

This event is just that, a day where members from all Chapters can get together for a fun filled day of sports, games, competitions, and a  Brotherhood ceremony. (Typically held the first weekend of March)

Section Conclave

This event is usually the highlight of the year for the four Lodges in our Section. Some of the activities will include ceremony and dance competitions, training, high adventure, and a terrific stage show. (Typically held in the month of October)


Four Ordeals are planned each year. At these events candidates are inducted into the Order. Also members along with the candidates participate in service projects that benefit the Council’s camping program. Often Brotherhood ceremonies are also offered for those interested. (May, September, and October typically)

National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC)

This conference is held every two years on a university campus. Some of the activities include training sessions, dance competitions, talent shows, and presentation of National awards. This event will be the highlight of any Arrowman’s experiences in the Order of the Arrow. The next NOAC is in the summer of 2018. It will be held at the University of Indiana - it’s typically during that last week of July or the first week of August over 5 days.

Lodge Leadership Development (LLD) Weekend

This activity is held each year to train the new Chapter and Lodge officers. It is also a good time for new officers to meet and lay the course for the next year’s plans and goals. (Typically held during November or January)

Lodge Executive Committee Meetings

The LEC consists of all Lodge officers and their Advisers, Chapter Chiefs and their Advisers, and Lodge committee chairmen and their Advisers. The committee determines the Lodge policy and activates. (Typically the first Saturday of each month with the exception of June and July)


This is a great time to help the Council and your Lodge. This year we will be doing face painting and Indian Dancing as well as many other activities. (Typically held towards the end of February)