Hello everyone,

I am happy to report that Lodge Leadership development was a complete success. I can see we have a budding new generation of leaders in the lodge, and I’m happy to watch them grow in skill and serve the lodge. I’m excited, as I know you all are, to check my calendar and see Ordeal season approaching fast. Make sure you’re encouraging troops in your area to get their elections done. Michael C., our Vice Chief of Inductions is already hard at work setting up our May Ordeals. We will need many ceremonialists and elangomats to pull these events off, so if you’re interested in either of those fields, now is the time to start preparing. Look out, as we may try to schedule some Lodge wide ceremony and elangomat training (more on that after the March LEC).

Before Ordeal season, we can look forward to vigil weekend and National Leadership Seminar coming up in April. Also in April, we will have a fantastic brotherhood ceremony opportunity. Brotherhood is an amazing experience, and it really seals your commitment to OA. If you can’t come in April, remember we also do Brotherhood at any of the four Ordeals, and at summer camp.

Speaking of summer camp, we are searching for the 2018 Geronimo and Raymond Camp Chiefs and Camp Vice Chiefs! These are very important roles, as they administer the OA program all summer long at our summer camps. If you have never served as OA camp staff, I can’t recommend it enough. I have had the privilege of serving as the Geronimo Camp Chief, and I consider it the highlight of my OA career. It’s what inspired me to strive for Lodge Chief. It’s a different experience than the lodge in the valley; you make a lot of friends, and best of all, it’s very youth led. As Camp Chief, I had a lot of control over the program and the space from my adviser to try things my own way. It was a hugely rewarding leadership experience.

If you would like to be a Camp Chief or Vice Chief, you MUST already be hired on the staff of the camp you wish to serve, be sixteen years old, and you need to write me a letter of interest applying for the position.

For either position, I recommend (but do not require) you:

  1. Have served on camp staff OA at least one year prior to applying
  2. Have experience with inductions
  3. Be a brotherhood member (we want Ordeal members to be able to participate too, but the camp chief is responsible for putting on brotherhood ceremonies, so it is heavily recommended you are brotherhood)

I will consider all applications, and hope to make a determination for both camps at the April LEC after reviewing all the applications with my adviser.

Yours in Brotherhood,

Robert B.
2018 Lodge Chief
Wipala Wiki #432