Hello Everyone,

I am happy to report that our lodge banquet was very successful. I want to highlight the work of our outgoing Chief, Derek Smith, and our Adviser, Ken Adams, for putting most of the planning together. I also want to thank Chris Grosjean, Randy Driscoll, Bill Popescue, Ken Adams, and Kieran Dunlop for being at the banquet site as early as 3:00pm to help set up. I want to congratulate all those who received awards at this banquet. I myself am honored to have received the Axe Award, the Contributor award, and to have been selected for Vigil Honor.

The next major event coming up is Spring Fellowship March 2-4. Our vice Chief of Events has been working very hard on Fellowship, and I have no doubt it will be amazing. I would encourage everyone to mark their calendars for this event. If you would like to help with Fellowship, I would heavily encourage you to reach out to Justin Canode (VC Events) because I’m sure he can get a job for you.

Thank you for ongoing pursuit of Cheerful Service,