Hello All,

I want to congratulate everyone who received their Vigil this month. I also want to congratulate all those who were trained at NLS. I’m looking forward to the Spring Ordeals, as I know you all are. I encourage all chapters and troops to start really pushing elections, so we can honor as many worthy scouts as possible. (If you would like a letter informing elected scouts about the OA program, let me know, I have written one) I also want to encourage everyone to consider volunteering at the Ordeals. I have served both as an elangomat and a ceremonialist, and I would highly recommend both endeavors. As an elangomat, I had the chance to recommit myself to the values of the Order, and to serve as an example to other scouts just experiencing the OA for the first time.

If you’re going to get your brotherhood at an Ordeal, you can serve as an elangomat at the same time! I highly encourage this incredible experience. It really adds something to the brotherhood process. I have had the pleasure of being a ceremonialist since 2016. Being a ceremonialist is a lot of hard work, but also a lot of fun. It takes a lot of practice to learn both the Ordeal and Preordeal ceremonies, but it is definitely worth it, I take pride in the fact that I, as Nutiket, get top speak the first lines of the Preordeal ceremony, and thus officially begin the entire Ordeal process. Serving at Ordeals is a great experience.

As I sit here in an ASU computer lab writing this article, our Section W6W Chief, Vincent Despain sits next to me, and he has asked me to remind you all about Conclave. Conclave is coming up this October19-21 at Camp R-C. Wipala Wiki is the host lodge, and this is a huge deal! We’re the best lodge in the section and this will be the best conclave, which is why we all need to go and show our Wiki spirit. I am confident we will bring HUNDREDS of people to this conclave. Be sure to keep an eye out for news from Vince and the other section officers about when to register and what to expect! Our theme this year is Monopoly.