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Centurion Award Nationally Administered Awards / Lodge Administered Awards

Centurion Medal

In the 100th Anniversary Year of the Order of the Arrow every Lodge was to select members and give them the title of Centurion for their outstanding service to their Lodge. The number was based on Lodge Membership with 50% of the Awards given to the members who did their outstanding service as Youth and the other 50% to Adults who performed their service as Adults. Wipala Wiki was allowed to nominate 13 Arrowmen for this Award. The Supreme Chief of the Fire selected the follow Arrowmen to receive the Honor. At Noac 2015, at Michigan State University, they were presented the Medal seen at the right.

Those Honored as Youth were Ethan Berkson, Michael Forrest, Cody Mikita, Michael Hoffman, Michael Minnis, Patrick Murphy and Kieran Thompson. Those Honored as Adults were Joe Bronson, Randall Driscoll, Gary Hnydowitz, Jeffrey McHenry, William Popescue and Wipala Wiki.

About 1800 members total were awarded the national Centurion Award in 2015.


Some of the National Centennial Recipients, 12/5/2015

Lodge Level Centurion Award

The Lodge felt that these 13 were well deserving of the Honor but it also felt that there were many more who also gave outstanding service to the Lodge. So the lodge came up with their own Award, which is represented by a Patch and a Service Knot, seen below, to be given to an additional 141 Arrowmen who the Lodge chose to Honor as Lodge Centurions.

Centurion Knot

The following Arrowmen were selected:

Kenneth Adams – John Adcock – Michele Adcock – Lou Alexander Thomas Armstrong – Art Barnes – Steven Bowser – Marc Braatz Karl Brandenberger – Jim “Doc” Brink – Daniel Bronson - Thomas Bronson – Roland Brown – Rosco Bryant – William Bryant - Bill Bryant Sr – Robert Butteweg – Larry Carpenter –Keven Catalfo Joe Cluck – Phillip Cluff – Edward Cole – Russell Corfman - Tom Crosser – Richard Dahl – Donald Defeo – Dora Delgadillo - George Delgadillo – Daniel Delgadillo – Jim Dempsey – Donald Eymann Jonathan D’Luzansky – Michael Eardley – Mike Eardley – James Feezor – Joh Forrest – John “Sky” Francis – Richard Fugimoto Steven Fullmer – Patrick Gamble – J.P. Garcia – Joe Garcia Tracey Goins – James Grant – Everett Griffin – Joseph Grosjean Galen Gurette –Kevin Gustafson – Ernie Haag – Harvey Harden Jeffrey Hartig – Earl “Sonny” Hayes – Amy Haywood – William Heilman II – M. Sarge Head – Robert Hetrick _ Eric Hiser – Milt Hulet – Howard Jackson – Keith Jendricks – Larry Johnson – Gary Jordan – Charlie “Chuck” Jones – Raymond Kay – John King Iris King – Robert Kondziolka – John Kondziolka – Christopher Kozakiewitz – Duke Kritz – Howard Krumlin – Donna Kutarina Jason Labrash – Roger Labrash – Bernard Lambert – Matthew Laudone – Stu Lerman – Travis Lively-Carol Lowe – Wayne Luchsinger Chuck Magley – Charles Mayper – Clinton Mcguire – Teri Mikita – James Millar – George Miller – Jerry Minnis – Gene Moore – Kevin Moshier – Bob Murray Jim Nielson – Robert Ochoa Sr. – Doc Ogden – Jim Pearce – Ernie Peterson – Tony Pheoenix – Dr. C.C. Piepergardes – Herbert Pierpan Christopher Popescue – Robert Ray – Carol Ray – Peter Reed  -  Jeanette Reed – Donald Richards – Gail Roemer – Robert Rooney – Mundo Rosales – Steven Ryciak – Robert Sabin – Joe Schmitz – Scott Seely – John Shank – Paul Sharpy – Harry Short – Guy Skirpan – Karilynn Smith – Keith Smith – Stephen Smith – Matthew Smith – Pamela Smith – Larry Snell –Bill Snyder – LeRoy Snyder – Evan Spencer – Jack Stephens – Charles Sunland Nicholas Tedford – Thomas Tedford – Connie Thompson – John Treguboff-Paul Tunis – Fred “Woody” Turner – Jeffrey Vann – Robert Viegel – Tom Walsh – Michael Watts – Mark Whiting – Peggy Whiting – William Widrick Lorin Wilcox – Rita Wilcox – Gene Wilke – Jim Young – Levi Young