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January 2018 Chiefly Speaking

Hello Everyone, My name is Robert and I am the 2018 Lodge Chief. I am very excited to serve all of you in this position. If you go to the Lodge Banquet, you can read about my goals and aspirations for the year in the banquet booklet. One goal that is especially important to me is rebuilding the lodge committee structure. Lodge committees are designed to help Lodge Officers plan and execute their goals and the lodge program for the year. I’m sure most of you are excited to do more great things with scouting in this new year,...

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January Adviser’s Minute

Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a great holiday season! We start off the new year on January 6th 2018 with the new members of the LEC attending the Wiatava Lodge Banquet in Buena Park, California at Knott’s Berry Farm. Contingent members from the Wipala Wiki Lodge will be writing up a summary about the knowledge and education they receive from attending the Wiatava Banquet in order to make ours bigger success. The road trip to California does however move doing LEC business at the Heard Scout Pueblo on January 13th and to successfully do business we need a...

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