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What a great month October was!  With the Heard Ordeal also went the Vigil selections and the awards committee  reviewed nominees for other lodge honors.

Most importantly  I want to congratulate the newly elected  LEC, next year is going to be a great year with all the LEC positions filled! Thank you to all the young men that stepped up and ran for a position and if you didn’t happen to get a spot this year there’s another election next October.

If you missed the Conclave you missed a good one, the shows, evaluations, drumming, dancers and even the classes were great  and fun for all that attended not to mention having Miss Arizona hang out with us all afternoon. Papago Lodge put on a good one. For next years Conclave we go to Vegas and I hope to see better attendance. C’mon Wiki only 7.9% of the lodge attended this year!!!

The Grand Canyon Braves Pow-Wow  will be here in a couple of weeks on November 12th so please sign up and come on down to the Heard for some very rewarding service hours and great food.  

The Lodge Leadership Retreat is November 18,19,20 at Camp R-C,  this is the training for the newly elected Lodge Officers and their Advisors and is mandatory they attend, it is also the time we select next years theme.

Next month is our Adult Meeting at the Heard Scout Pueblo on Saturday December 3rd. Fellow Adults, please come and learn how you can help the lodge assist our youth leaders in fulfilling the mission and purpose of the lodge.


Please email me with questions or concerns regarding Lodge Business.

Yours in Brotherhood,

Ken Adams