Hi Brothers,

March 2nd - 4th is the Lodge’s Spring Fellowship Weekend at the Heard. The classes will include Blacksmithing, Ceremonies and Dutch Ovens to name a few. The Disk Golf course as well as the COPE will be up and running along with tons of other events so please sign up now. Please note there will also be a LEC meeting on Saturday, the 3rd.

March should be a busy time for Chapters doing elections and preparing their Ceremony teams in preparation for upcoming Ordeals. The Adult Meeting and LEC is scheduled for April 7th and the Vigil Weekend Ordeal @ Camp R-C is April 14th and 15th.

As some of you are aware, Keith Smith passed on this last month and his memorial was held at the Forstman @ the Heard. It was well attended to honor this man and support his wife, Cookie. I want to take the opportunity to thank the previous Lodge Chiefs,Ethan Berkson, Alexander Rose, Joe Garcia and many others of all ranks that took their time to show how much this family means to the Scouting Organization. Please take a moment if you haven’t already and reach out to Cookie and let her know how much her and her husband have and still do mean to this Lodge and BSA.

I also had the honor of presenting to our Lodge Awards at the Annual Grand Canyon Council Volunteer Award Reception. Thank you to all recipients who came out to attend.

We are off and running this year at a great pace thanks to the leadership in place. Looking forward to a great year ahead! Please email me with questions or concerns regarding Lodge Business.

Yours In Service,

Ken Adams
Lodge Adviser