The Lodge had a great fellowship weekend with over 70 in attendance. I don’t know if anyone noticed but there was actually a committee running it. Thank you very much Justin for planning and putting on another successful event.

Recently a few of us from the Lodge attended the Section Leadership Retreat at R-C Scout Ranch, the meeting was on –site where we will be hosting the Conclave which will be held in October.

Also coming up on April 14th - 15th is Vigil weekend at R-C Scout Ranch where the Vigil candidates will become official Vigil Members of the Lodge.  Some Lodge members, including our Lodge Chief, Robert B. will be attending the National Leadership Seminar/Developing Youth Leadership Conference in Cedar Glen, CA the same weekend

The Lodge is going strong and we want to keep the momentum going!  There are two Ordeals coming up in the Month of May, so please plan on doing elections and getting those elected to these ordeals. 

Please email me with questions or concerns regarding Lodge Business at our website.
Yours in Brotherhood,

Ken Adams